Largest class yet of Biochemistry Ph.D. Program; students will have many opportunities for research


Eight students from around the world have set their sights on FIU’s Biochemistry Ph.D. Program. The graduate students joining the program represent the largest incoming cohort since the Biochemistry Ph.D. Program was first launched in 2011. They hail from Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, China, Cuba, and the United States. Currently, the program has 23 Ph.D. students in total, including two recent graduates from the Department of Biological Sciences.

The newest class of graduate students will be involved in numerous research studies, for example, HIV-related research, human diseases such as cancer, and structure-function correlation of DNA and protein. “Thanks to the efforts and support of many people, our program has built up to the point of gaining worldwide visibility and is now flourishing,” said Dr. Yuan Liu, the director of the Biochemistry Ph.D. Program.

With an interdisciplinary faculty, the Biochemistry Ph.D. Program is administered jointly by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The program includes over 50 faculty who are renowned experts within various disciplines in biochemistry, and molecular and cellular biology. FIU researchers are leading the way in providing students with an excellent foundation in these fields, as well as in biochemical and biomedical research techniques. Research opportunities include anticancer drug discovery and drug delivery, etiology of cancer and neurodegeneration, molecular mechanisms of the immune system, DNA metabolism, genetic stability, and gene regulation, among others.

The Biochemistry Ph.D. students include Leonardo Acuna, Victor Osorio Castillo, Zifang Deng, Mirna Ghemrawi, Victoria Godieva, Eddy Alfonso Maqueira, Norhan Mohammed and Yemmy Soler. Welcome to FIU!